Forest Integrity


This website was originally the home of the Forest Integrity Network. FIN was an informal group of people and organizations concerned about illegal logging and the influence of corruption on forests, biodiversity, and forest-dependent people. It grew out of a May 2000 meeting at the Center for International Development at Harvard and was fostered by Transparency International.

FIN itself has became dormant. However, its former members and many others continue to work on the challenge of reducing illegal logging and corruption.

This site, maintained independently by an original FIN member, continues to present information on protecting forest resources and people through transparency and good governance.

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About the Forest Integrity Network (FIN)

This site holds information on preserving the integrity of forests through good governance. In October 2011 it was revised to serve as an unofficial introduction to the 2011 Framework for Assessing and Monitoring Forest Governance, a new tool created by an international consortium of stakeholders led by the World Bank and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. You begin can learning about the Framework by exploring this overview .


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